Terms and condition for Claims

Terms and conditions for claiming missing or damaged goods 

  • Missing merchandise:

If there’s something missing from a box, we will check it out and if it’s verified, you’ll receive a credit to your account within 7 to 10 business days.

The above is excluding any merchandise that was shipped to third party warehouses.

  • Missing shipment:

If the customer provides us with the labels, it becomes the customer’s responsibility. 

We do not take any responsibility for these shipments.

If we created the shipment, we will open a case with the shipping company and after we resolve it, we will go ahead and credit your account.

  • Damages:

Damaged box. If the entire box is damaged during the delivery process, it is treated the same as a missing shipment. See above. 

Damaged product. If some items within a box are damaged, we’ll look into it on our end and if it is correct, you’ll receive a credit on your account as soon as it is verified.

I agree to the above terms and will not dispute any charges related to missing/damaged goods.